Trial Package 3 days

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Trial Package 3 days
This package is designed to give you an insight into how useful Fit fuel meals can be for you, it contains a variety of our most popular products listed below Breakfasts 1X Breakfast (Protein pancakes with berries, honey & nut butter) 1X Breakfast (Breakfast egg Frittata with avocado) 1X Breakfast (Portobello Mushrooms with eggs and Sautéed Spinach) ___ Main Meals___ 1X Salmon fillet, baked in Orange, wild Rice, minted pea, green beans & onion salad 1X Chicken curry & basmati rice 1X Burrito Bowl, with spiced Rice, Guacamole & salsa ___ Snacks___ 1X Fit Fuel protein Brownie 1X Reeses peanut butter protein donuts 1X Protein yogurt with cold pressed fruits ___ Juices___ 2X 100% Organic cold-pressed Juice's
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